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Communication Through Action and Gesture


James Trujillo

Research James
Actions are performed on the world around us in order to reach a direct goal, but we also gesture, or simulate actions in order to reach an indirect goal, such as to communicate a message. But how similar are real actions to their simulated counterparts? And how are they influenced by a communicative context?

We know in everyday life that both real and simulated actions can be recognized as being communicative; the specific features that make them communicative, however, are not well understood. My research aims to elucidate the relationship between real actions Reserach James-2and simulated actions and how they are produced and recognized in a communicative context.

This project uses behavioural methods to understand the production and recognition of communicative actions, as well as brain-imaging techniques to probe the underlying circuitry of communicative recognition. This will lead to a deeper understanding of human communication at a more fundamental level.

LiIDutch Science Foundation (NWO) Gravitation Programme - Language in Interaction Consortium (2015 - 2019)

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