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Reference Tracking in Multimodal Bilingual Narratives


Zeynep Azar

Research Zeynep

Turkish and Dutch are two typologically different languages that differ on whether it is possible to mention explicitly the subject referents or not.
I investigate how these cross-linguistic differences manifest themselves in the multimodal narratives (i.e., speech and gesture) by Turkish speakers in Turkey and Dutch speakers in the Netherlands.

Research Zeynep-2Additionally, I investigate the multimodal linguistic strategies employed in the narratives of Turkish-Dutch bilinguals born and raised in the Netherlands as compared to those of Turkish or Dutch monolinguals. The project aims to contribute to our understanding of bilingualism and its underlying mechanisms by providing evidence from the visual modality, which has been largely ignored in the bilingualism research so far.

Center for Language Studies (CLS) position Radboud University Nijmegen (2013 - 2017)

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