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Scientific Mission

We aim to understand how the multimodal approach to language enhances our understanding of:

  • Processing: Cognitive and neural substrate of language and its processing mechanisms (e.g., prediction, lexical access, integration, compositionality, link to action, perception and memory).
  • Interaction: How language is used to manage social and interactive coordination such as in dialogue.
  • Evolution and Emergence: How language evolved, adapt and can emerge a-new when language is not accessible.
  • Learning Mechanisms: How language (spoken or signed) can be learned by children (as early and late L1) and adults (as L2).
  • Cross-Linguistic Diversity and (Bimodal) Bilingualism (e.g., Dutch/Turkish; signed/spoken languages).

We are also dedicated bridging the gap between science, technology (AI), society and education and making scientific practices inclusive and available for people with diverse backgrounds and languages as well as for immigrants, women and deaf individuals across the globe and in developing countries.