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Sign Languages

Sign language research

In the PI group Multimodal Language and Cognition we investigate the role of the visual-spatial modality in structuring language when it is used as the main modality of communication. We want to understand to what extent the structures and patterns of language use and development are specific to spoken and visual linguistic systems.

Spatial Cognition in Speakers and Signers

> Event Representations in Speech, Gesture and Cognition

> Comprehension of Spatial Events in Signers and Speakers

> Relationship between Spatial Language and Cognition in Bimodal Bilinguals

> Spatial Cognition and Memory across Signers and Speakers

> Cross-modal Language Processing in Real Time

Emergence of Grammatical Complexity in Central Taurus Sign Language (CTSL)
(MPI for Psycholinguistics)

Sign-Gesture Interface in Second Language Learners (NWO/VENI)

Communicative Development Inventory for Turkish Sign Language (TİD)
(Tubitak, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

Research on Gestures