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Narrative, Cognition and Communication

What are the linguistic characteristics (structure and style) of narrative discourse and what is their cognitive representation? What do people see in their mind’s eye when reading narratives? How is storytelling used in organizational communication and in public discussions?

These are some of the issues that our researchers in the Narrative Cognition and Communication group are interested in. We are based at the Centre for Language Studies at Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. We do experimental as well as corpus-based work related to the understanding and appreciation of narratives. Our objects of investigation range from literary narratives to narrative journalism and narrative health communication.


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Group picture of our research team

Publications & Projects

A full list of our publications can be found below. Via the current projects page, an overview of our projects can be found.

A selection of our latest poster presentations

  • Lost in a story, detached from the words. Absorbed readers are less sensitive to word characteristics during narrative reading. Willems, R.M., Eekhof, L.S., Kuijpers, M.M., Gao, X., van den Hoven, E., Faber, M., Mak, M. (2018, September). AMLaP 2018, Berlin.
  • Sensory Simulation, Motor Simulation and Mentalizing during Narrative Reading: Insights from Eye-Tracking. Mak, M. & Willems, R.M. (2018, March). CNS 2018, Boston.