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Non-nativeness in Communication

The CLS research group Non-nativeness in Communication aims to better understand the consequences of communication in which non-natives engage with natives or other non-natives. We examine to what extent and how non-nativeness (e.g., lingua franca use, L2 accentedness) influence perceptions and performance in intercultural interactions, and how communicative choices (e.g., arguments, new media, style) affect evaluations and comprehension among receivers with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Public outreach

Our group members contribute to the DRONGO language festival, an annual festival about the impact of language, which takes place in the Netherlands. We are also member of the jury for the yearly SAN advertising prize.

Our People

For an overview of our members please visit our members page.


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For more information, please contact:

Coordinator prof. dr. J.M.A. Hornikx