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Persuasive communication

In almost all areas of everyday life, the effective use of language and images is essential to reach our communication goals. Our research group studies how characteristics such as argumentation, style, and tone determine how message recipients feel, think and act in offline and online environments.

Our group uses different methods. For example, we use discourse analysis to assess verbal and visual message characteristics in (online) interactions; we use corpus studies to discover how patterns of language use predict health outcomes; and we use experimental research to assess the impact of message variations on persuasion.


Our research focuses on two subthemes, each with their own, but related set of research questions:


Persuasive Communication has a multi-method basis and uses content and discourse analysis to assess the verbal and visual characteristics of offline and online persuasive messages, and experimental research to assess the impact of message variations on the persuasion process. For information about our projects visit the pages below.

Our People

Have a look at our members page for more information about our researchers and on our students page for students who work on our projects.


Our principal investigators are Enny DasWilbert Spooren and Wyke Stommel.

For more information, please email:
- Prof. dr. Enny Das, enny.das@ru.nl
- Prof. dr. Wilbert Spooren, wilbert.spooren@ru.nl

Research group Persuasive Communication

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