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Agnė Župerkaitė

I am Agnė Župerkaitė, a second year RMA Linguistics student at Utrecht University from Lithuania. I have a BA in Italian language and culture (Vilnius and Bologna universities), and I am truly passionate about multilingualism, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, intercultural communication and rhetoric. I feel lucky to have joined an ongoing research project led by two inspiring researchers of Radboud University: prof. Enny Das and her PhD student Ilona Plug. The study is called 'Drongo 2.0', since it replicates the previous one that was conducted in 2018 with the visitors of the biggest language festival in the Netherlands, the Drongo Language Festival. This time, our goal is to increase the power of our study: we did so by changing the design of the 'Drongo 1.0' and by recruiting Radboud University students of Communication Science for an online survey. Over 60 participants read confidential transcripts from real conversations between doctors and patients, and had to guess their gender. We are very curious to find out: have they succeeded to do so? Does language use help us to distinguish between men and women? Are gender stereotypes well alive in medical communication today? Drongo 2.0 will help us to reveal some details on these mysteries.

LynnLynn E.M. de Rijk

My name is Lynn de Rijk, a RMA Linguistics and Communication Sciences student at the Radboud University. I have a BA in Dutch Language and Culture and a BA Design from ArtEZ University of Arts. My research interests are broad and currently I am very fortunate to be able to work alongside Wyke Stommel on two topics that hold my interest: naturally-occurring online discourse and the ethics of doing research into such (often) readily available data; and the intersection between AI language technology and social life.