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Sign Language Linguistics

The Sign Language research group at the Centre for Language Studies is an enthusiastic group of hearing and deaf linguists who investigate the structure and use of Sign Language of the Netherlands, the language of the deaf community in the Netherlands. Led by Onno Crasborn, we have been working as a team since 2008. While the central focus is on (psycho)linguistic research, we also invest a lot in the development of innovative methodologies to develop and work with sign language corpora. We have a strong commitment to make our research results accessible for a general audience and in particular for the deaf community itself, by websites such as Gebareninzicht and Just Deaf.

Postal address

Department of Linguistics
Radboud University Nijmegen
PO Box 9103
NL-6500 HD Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Visiting address

Erasmus building
Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT  Nijmegen
The Netherlands



Research projects

Our researchers work on several projects. Together, we aim to contribute to uncovering the structure and use of Sign Language of the Netherlands.