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Corpus NGT 2

In this follow-up project to the initial creation of the Corpus NGT (2006-2008),  the corpus was extended in various ways:

  1. New recordings for additional signers: the youngest generation, and some older people from the southern region that were not covered in the first phase.
  2. A lexicon to link to our ID gloss annotations.
  3. Glosses and related annotations for many additional hours of dialogues.
  4. More sentence-level translations.
  5. Some extensions to the ELAN annotation tool to speed up our workflow and improve annotation quality.

Team members

  • Onno Crasborn (project coordinator)
  • Frouke van Winsum (annotation)
  • Merel van Zuilen (annotation)
  • Johan Ros (annotation)
  • Yassine Ellen Nauta (annotation)
  • Max Vonk (technical support)
  • Lianne van Dijken (translation)
  • Aarthy Somasundaram (software development)
  • Wessel StoopCLST (software development)