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Time frame

February 2020 - ongoing

Project description

There is ample scientific evidence that shows the importance of early bilingual language acquisition of a spoken and signed language for deaf children. Many parents are well-informed about the technological and medical possibilities to increase access to sounds for their deaf children. However, parents often report that they have not received information about the option to sign with their children (and scientific studies confirm this) or they report that their own preference to use signs with their child was discouraged. On our website Doofgewoon.nl we are trying to fill this gap to allow for parents to make a well-informed choice for the language use in their family (opting for Dutch only or opting for bilingual language use, i.e., Dutch and Sign Language of The Netherlands/ NGT). Following international interest, the website is made fully bilingual (by adding English text and subtitles and an English URL, justdeaf.nl). With CLS funding, we have added materials on the website that were collected already and new materials are created (ongoing), concerning specific aspects of parent-deaf child interactions and the diverse experiences by hearing parents of deaf children.


Deaf children, parents, sign language, deafness

Project website


Dr Ellen Ormel, ellen.ormel@ru.nl