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What we do

We investigate language use and processing by studying speaking, listening, reading, writing, and signing in several languages. As a participant, you can contribute to all kinds of studies at our state-of-the-art on-site labs or online.

Online experiments

Please visit www.ru.nl/roleg for more information.

Lab experiments

You can sign up as a participant in the Radboud SONA system at https://radboud.sona-systems.com/ (choose ‘New Participant'). Once registered, you can see and register for the experiments available. The usual payment for participating in an experiment is €10 per hour, paid in gift vouchers.

Experiments are conducted at the CLS lab on the 12th floor of the Erasmus building (Erasmusplein 1).


The CLS lab is managed by Margret van Beuningen; please contact her should you need further information:
email: clslab@let.ru.nl
tel: (+31) 024 - 36 15814