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Key Publications 2016

Bank, R., Crasborn, O.A. & Hout, R.W.N.M. van (2016). The prominence of spoken language elements in a sign  language. Linguistics : an International Review, 54 (6), 1-25. (online version)

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Hilberink-Schulpen, B.J.H., Nederstigt, U., Meurs, W.F.J. van & Alem, E. van (2016). Does the use of a foreign language influence attention and genre-specific viewing patterns for job advertisements? An eye-tracking study. Information Processing & Management, 52 (6), 1018-1030. (online version)

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Sluijs, R. van, Berg, M. van den & Muysken, P.C. (2016). Exploring genealogical blends. The Surinamese Creole Cluster and the Virgin Islands Dutch Creole Cluster. Lingua : an International Review of General Linguistics, 2016 (178), 84-103. (online version)

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