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Lenguas de Bolivia

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Lenguas de Bolivia is a series of four books, published between 2009 and 2015 by Mily Crevels and Pieter Muysken (2021†), that provide information about more than 30 indigenous languages in Bolivia. The first three volumes provide concise descriptions of the local languages in three different regions: the Andean sphere, the Amazonian sphere and the Oriental sphere. The fourth volume discusses general national issues concerning these languages, such as their sociolinguistic situation and the standardization of writing systems.


The aim of Lenguas de Bolivia was to facilitate the easy access of the Bolivian public to the results of a large number of research projects realized in different parts of the world on more than 30 Bolivian languages. Representing the most recent knowledge, Lenguas de Bolivia is a valuable source for the communities and their leaders and for students and professionals working in various disciplines, such as linguists, anthropologists, intercultural bilingual education (IBE) planners, ethnohistorians, etc.


  • Volume I: Ámbito andino (2009) 'The Andean sphere'. Presents nine languages from the Altiplano and the Andean foothills. Apart from these languages, the varieties of the two most important linguistic families of the Andean region, Quechuan and Aymaran, are described.
  • Volume II: Amazonía(2011) 'The Amazonian sphere'. Presents five languages from the northwestern part of the Bolivian Amazon and five languages from the northeastern part.
  • Volume III: Oriente (2014)'The oriental sphere'. Contains the description of seven languages from Mojo, Santa Cruz plains and Chiquitanía, and three languages from the Chaco region in Bolivia.
  • Volume IV: Temas nacionales (2015) 'National issues'. Discusses general issues with respect to the linguistic diversity of Bolivia, such as the sociolinguistic reality, the history of linguistic description, language policy, the standardization of writing systems. It also contains two studies about Bolivian Spanish.

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