Vision & Mission


Over the past decennia our society has developed into an information society in which increasingly more data is available, often in the form of text (spoken or written), for use on an individual basis or in aggregated form. The high degree of digitization has an enormous impact on our daily lives.

Therefore it is all the more important that no citizens find themselves excluded and to make sure that everyone – the elderly, the young, natives, non-natives, those highly educated, those lowly educated, people with communication disorders, etc. – can (continue to) participate in the information society.

Language and speech technology (LST) offers many opportunities in this respect and CLST envisages to play a prominent role, both nationally and internationally.


CLST aims at fundamental and applied research in the field of language and speech technology (LST). The focus is on the use and development of LST in the following research domains:

1. Multimedia mining (in written text and speech)
2. Language learning and language teaching
3. Communication in health care
4. Language resources and infrastructure

For this type of research CLST engages in collaborations with other academic institutions, commercial and non-profit organizations. CLST publishes its research findings in scientific and popularising articles. CLST also offers consultancy in each of the aforementioned domains.