Who are we

CLST was founded in January 2003. Its objective is to contribute to the development of language and speech technology (LST). CLST is active in research, application development and consultancy. Ideal projects for CLST are research projects with a link to applications. Whenever possible, CLST publishes about these projects in research journals. Projects are carried out in national and international research programmes and for commercial parties.

CLST’s main activities are concentrated in three research expertise groups and two support expertise groups.

Research expertise groups:

  • LST for communication-driven knowledge extraction
  • LST for language learning and language teaching
  • LST for communication in Health Care

Support expertise groups:

  • Language Resources and infrastructure
  • Consultancy

CLST is a unit within the Faculty of Arts of the Radboud University Nijmegen and embedded in the Centre for Language Studies (CLS). It has a Board and a Director. Final responsibility is with the Dean of the Faculty.