Data Curation Service

The Data Curation Service (DCS) started in 2011 as a project of CLARIN-NL and will be continued in CLARIAH until 2024. The DCS is concerned with making collections of research data in the linguistic field accessible and is housed at the Centre for Language and Speech Technology (CLST) at Radboud University. The DCS aims to bridge the gap between researchers with interesting research material and the CLARIN-NL / CLARIAH data centres. We work together with researchers and experts. Our data curation specializes in (but is not limited to) datasets and corpora for atypical communication. CLST is also a separate knowledge centre (ACE) within CLARIN for this purpose.

Information for researchers

One of the tasks of the DCS is to look for data that is interesting to curate. Researchers in the Humanities who have access to relevant data, in whatever format, are cordially invited to contact the staff of the DCS to find out what the options are for curation. This may concern texts, transcripts and media files such as video or sound recordings, to name a few. Data curation ensures permanent storage of the collected research data. Moreover, after storage in a CLARIN data centre the data will be available and searchable for other researchers and the data can thus be of additional value.

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DCS employees


DCS's funder is CLARIAH, the Dutch branch of CLARIN. In the context of CLARIAH, a digital research infrastructure is being built for the humanities. More information about CLARIAH can be found here.