Research expertise and projects

CLST’s main activities are concentrated in four expertise groups. CLST also offers consultancy in all of these domains.

Communication-driven knowledge extraction

  • This group studies the automatic extraction of content and knowledge from speech and text. We have a special interest for mining large text and audio archives and for interaction systems such as chat and voice bots.
  • Group leaders: Martha Larson, Louis ten Bosch, Iris Hendrickx

Language and speech technology for language learning and language teaching

  • LST can contribute to answering current research questions in the field of personalized learning and the objective measurement of different aspects of language skills. To that end this group focuses on the automated evaluation and practice of language skills (Computer Assisted Language Learning, CALL) especially for pronunciation, morphology, syntax, literacy and various aspects of vocabulary.
  • Group leaders: Helmer Strik and Catia Cucchiarini

Language and speech technology for communication in health care

  • LST can contribute to innovative research and development in healthcare in several ways and this group has a standing position to contribute in the fields of TST-based diagnosis, therapy, assisted communication and home automation.
  • Group leaders: Helmer Strik and Catia Cucchiarini

Language Resources and infrastructure

  • The development and management of resources (data and tools) and the contribution to an infrastructure for responsible storage and effective accessibility of these resources is relevant for all domains on which CLST focuses and a much-requested expertise. This domain covers the three previous domains because a good infrastructure is an important condition for the efficiency and thus the success of these lines of research.
  • Group leaders: Henk van den Heuvel, Nelleke Oostdijk


Our research has resulted in the development of several tools and demos that can be found and tested here.

Completed projects

Find out more about our past projects here.