Completed Projects

Multimedia mining :

  • BATS (Speaker tracking and topic detection in video and audio archives)
  • Automatic detection of threatening tweets
  • Google Award Project: Extracting factoids from Dutch texts
  • IMIX: Interactieve Multimodale Informatie eXtractie
  • INTER-VIEWs : Searching in interviews with veterans of Dutch military missionsLiving Oral History Workbench Showcase, Video, Demo
  • MIDAS (Noise robust speech recognition)
  • NORISC (IMIX): Next generation template based speech recognition for interactive human-machine speech
  • TM4IP
  • Polical Mashup

Language Learning and Language Teaching:

Communication in Health Care:

  • CHASING (CHAllenging Speech training In Neurological patients by interactive Gaming)
  • Speech change as early marker of lung problems
  • AI-speak: AI for automatic evaluation of speech audiometry of hearing impaired people
  • ComPoli (LST to improve patients' communication possibilities with a eHealth webportal): Video
  • INSPIRE (Speech processing in realistic environments, e.g. in hearing aids and cochlear implants)
  • PEDDS (automatic feedback on pronunciation of people with dysarthria): Video
  • Optifox (Automatic optimization of the settings of a cochlear implant using automatic pronunciation assessment techniques)
  • FeetBack (combining body sensors and persuasive messages to incite patients to healthy behavior)

Resources: data, tools, infrastructure: