Resources; data, tools, infrastructure

The support expertise group Resources and infrastructures consists of the following staff members:

Currently, CLST employees are involved in the following projects:

  • The DELAD initiative (infrastructure for disordered speech resources)
  • CLAM (Software to quickly turn NLP command line tools in full webservices, also with user web-interface)
  • CLARIN project: Oral History, supporting the transcription chain
  • CLARIAH (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities): WP2 and WP3
  • DCS (Data Curation Service for CLARIAH)
  • FLAT (FoLiA Linguistic Annotation Tool. A generic web-based annotation tool for a wide variety of annotation types)
  • FoLiA  (Format for Linguistic Annotation. A file format and software infrastructure for representing linguistically annotated data)
  • Gecco (Generic Spelling Corrector - A tool to construct extensive, context-sensitive and distributed spelling correctors, with a web-based interface)
  • SSHOC (Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud: CLST is a Third party of CLARIN ERIC). CLST is involved in:
    • Task 4.4: Voice recorded interviews and audio analysis
    • Task 5.4: Remote Access to Sensitive Data