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INtoEAT: Chatbot algorithms and coaching strategies for FoodCoach Liz

A healthy diet can help keep the body and mind healthy and extend the quality of life. A healthy diet and lifestyle are even more important for elderly people with care needs. Seniors often experience a decreased appetite, resulting in malnutrition. INtoEAT aims at development and implementation of innovative digital tools that can improve healthy eating habits and lifestyle in elderly as a nutrition aid. Specifically, a smart tray, a digital food coach, and a lifestyle app will be used for enabling personalised (remote) diet and lifestyle supervision and coaching, facilitating elderly to live longer independently and at home. Nutritionists also benefit a lot from the information in the app and can make better adjustments to patients’ diets. This, combined with intensive guidance from a nutrition coach, supports lifestyle and eating behaviour improvement.

Research within the FSW and BSI combines insights from social sciences and robotics to design, implement and evaluate 'Social AI' systems, i.e. intelligent computer systems that have the ability to engage in natural social interactions with people. Such systems include social robots, virtual agents and chatbots, among others. The Radboud uses this knowledge to support and optimize the development of FoodCoach, resulting in improved chatbot algorithms and coaching strategies.

Research coordinator: Martijn Vastenburg

Research team: Evelien Heijselaar, Martijn Vastenburg, Tibor Bosse

Dit project wordt mede gefinancierd door het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Unie.