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Stimulating news literacy in early adolescents: Building a theoretical framework for research and practical APPlication

To function as well-informed citizens in democracy, early adolescents (12-15 years old) should become more news literate news consumers. However, this is not a simple task in this time of fragmented media use and evolving conceptions of news. The overwhelming flow of information makes it hard to reliable, accurate, and relevant news. Also for early adolescents, the so-called ‘digital natives’. Research has shown that they still have a hard time distinguishing real and fabricated information and evaluating the accuracy and trustworthiness of information. To aid young people in these challenges, this project aims to develop a more comprehensive theoretical model for news literacy in early adolescents and apply these insights in a mobile application intervention.

PhD student: Sanne Tamboer

Supervision team: Tibor Bosse (promotor), Mariska Kleemans (copromotor), Inge Molenaar (copromotor)