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Course enrolment


Course enrolment for first semester's courses opens 1 August; for the second semester's courses this is 1 December. However, exceptions to this rule do apply. Course enrolment for Year 1 opens after the Orientation Week (end of August). Also for some B2 and B3 courses the enrolments opens later, especially to secure a smooth enrolment in workgroups (i.e. Statistics 1 and 2).


You can register for courses through the Student Portal: log in to Osiris, the student information system of Radboud University. There you can enrol for courses and examinations, as well as for resits when necessary.
Once you have successfully enrolled, an automatic confirmation will be sent to your Radboud e-mail address.

Do you find it difficult to use Osiris? Watch the instructional video.

Enrolment Core Themes in Year 2

There is a maximum number of participants for each Core Theme course. When enrolling for the Core Theme courses, students have the opportunity to indicate a preference, and we strive to place students in their first or second choice as much as possible. Information on the procedure will be provided at the B2 Study Guidance Meeting and will be timely announced through Announcements in your Student Portal Psychology.

Maximum capacity for some B3 courses

As room space is limited, a registration cap may apply for B3 courses. Make sure to register at your earliest convenience.


In case a registration cap needs to be applied, B3 students who are about to graduate and students who planned a study abroad may be given priority and can consult the student advisor via studentadvisor@psych.ru.nl