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Grades in Osiris

You will find your grades in Osiris.

Dutch grading system

You might have to get used to the Dutch national grading system:

1 - 1,5 extremely poor
2 - 2,5 very poor
3 - 3,5 poor
4 - 4,5 strongly unsatisfactory
5 - 5,5 unsatisfactory
6 - 6,5 pass
7 - 7,5 clear pass
8 - 8,5 good
9 - 9,5 very good
10 outstanding

NP in Osiris?

The abbreviation NP means Not Participated. You will get this result, if you enrolled for a course/ exam but you did not actually take the exam and/or you did not dis-enroll in time. Please note: NP counts as if you did take the exam, and so it might influence your distinctions.

To prevent from getting NP, please make sure to only register for exams that you really plan to do or dis-enroll timely via Osiris. In case of urgency you can dis-enroll via stip@socsci.ru.nl or +31 24 361 6163. You can do so until the end time of the actual exam.

NP by mistake?

Should you have received a NP by mistake (i.e. you registered for a resit in a course you already passed), please contact STIP to explain your situation and to issue a request to have the NP alternated in Osiris.