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Within the bachelor's and master's programme Psychology, you can obtain (credits for) professional qualifications, as licensed by the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP) or by other professional associations:

  • Work & Health psychologist (NIP) and Work & Organisation psychologist (NIP)
  • BAPD: Basic Certificate Psychodiagnostics (NIP)
  • VLOGO: Requirements for post academic licensed training for 'GZ-opleiding'
  • BSP: Basic Certificate in Sport Psycholoog (VSPN).

Do you intend to attain one or more certificates?

Familiarize yourself in time with the expected requirements and with the corresponding study planning.

Did you pass some of the required courses outside Radboud University?

Please get in touch with the contact person mentioned asap after starting your bachelor's or master's programme at Radboud, to discuss any deficiencies.