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2017 and before

Foundation courses for all three specialisations

Students in cohort 2017 or who still need to pass any of the following courses, please contact the student advisor. These courses are only available for students who started in February 2018, 2017 or earlier.

Concerning Advanced Research Methods and Academic Writing and Reviewing: A course, Advanced Academic and Professional Skills - SOW-MKI66 will be organised as follows: In the first block, the course covers various Research Methods and challenges in AI and the second block covers Academic Writing. There will be a few lectures covering topics on Professional Skills in both the 1st and the 2nd block. Students can take the course in three ways: 6EC course as a whole, 3EC course as Advanced Research Methods (MKI42A), and 3EC course as Academic Writing and Reviewing (MKI53).

Course code Course name EC
SOW-MKI47 Trends in AI 6
SOW-MKI42A Advanced Research Methods (will be part of the new course MKI66) 3
SOW-MKI37 or
NWI-FFIL2015 or
TCS2: Science and Society
Evolution and the Mind
Upgrading the Human?
Philosophy and Ethics for Computing & Information Science
SOW-MKI53 Academic Writing and Reviewing (will be part of the new course MKI66) 3