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Course index

Cursuscode Cursusnaam
LET-GESM4300 Master's Thesis Eternal Rome (20 ec)
LET-GESM4301 Eternal Rome, Historiography and Theory (10 ec)
LET-GESM4303 Eternal Rome, Research Seminar: Civilisations in crisis: the ideology of crisis in ancient and mediëval Europe (10 ec)
LET-GESM4304 Roman Law and Society (5 ec - 10 ec)
LET-GESM4305 Eternal Rome Elective I (5 ec)
LET-GESM4306 Eternal Rome Elective II (5 ec)
LET-GESM4307 Eternal Rome, Research Seminar: Ceremonies as Invented Tradition (10 ec)
LET-GESM4308 Eternal Rome, Coins and History - An Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Numismatics (5 ec)
LET-GES-STAGEER Internship Master Eternal Rome (10 ec)