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General information

The History Department offers three Master’s specialisations, one of which is taught in English (Eternal Rome). All our specialisations are closely connected with research conducted by our staff.

Eternal Rome

This Master’s specialisation offers an in-depth examination both of the city of Rome and its role as the capital of the Roman Empire, and of the representation of the ‘idea' of Rome throughout the centuries. Eternal Rome presents a unique programme that focuses as much on the transition between ancient and medieval history as on those periods themselves.

Geschiedenis en Actualiteit (Modern and Contemporary History)

In this Master’s programme students explore the tension between current events and history; how the present affects our interpretation of the past and how history is used and abused to shape our present and future.

Politiek en Parlement (i.e. Politics and Parliament)

In this Master’s programme students explore politics from a multidisciplinary perspective, combining political history, political science and constitutional law.