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CNS courses

For their specialization, students enrolled in the Language and Communication programme may consider the following courses offered by the Research Master’s programme Cognitive Neuroscience (CNS):

Course title Credits (EC) Course code Period
Word Recognition and Production 6 SOW-DGCN16 1-2
Sentence Production and Comprehension 6 SOW-DGCN17 3-4
First Language Acquisition 6 SOW-DGCN18 3
Using and Acquiring Multiple Languages 6 SOW-DGCN19 2
Structural Aspects of Language 6 SOW-DGCN52 1-2-3

The course descriptions for these courses can be found by following this link: https://www.ru.nl/prospectus/socsci/research-master/cognitive-neuroscience/course-overview/

NOTE: Students who wish to register for any of these courses should do so through Klaar Vernaillen: clsmaster@let.ru.nl.