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Finding and organising your internship

At the end of your bachelor's programme you do an internship at a research department of the Faculty of Science or a linked institute like RadboudUMC. You contact the department you are interested in yourself. You may be able to use the letter of motivation you wrote as part of the Bachelor Portfolio to apply for internships.

How to find a department?

The research departments at the faculty are organised in research institutes. For biologists, the IWWR (Institute for Water and Wetland Research) is an important research institute. Research on medical biology in Nijmegen is performed in three institutes: RadboudUMC, RIMLS (Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, and Donders Institute. At RadboudUMC, medical research in the broad sense is performed, RIMLS focuses on knowledge of the cell and cellular processes, and the Donders Institute focuses on the human brain and nervous system. Check out the web page of each institute to find the research departments, what they focus on and who to contact.

There is a list with internship departments within the university, including a contact person. You can also try to find a research department outside the faculty, RadboudUMC, RIMLS and Donders Institute. This can be another Radboud University department or a research department outside the university, in the Netherlands or abroad. If you are interested in such an external internship, you need to find an internal supervisor prior to the start of your internship. The internal supervisor needs to approve the internship plan prior to the internship and will eventually be responsible for your grade.