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Learning trajectories and minors

Bachelor students Biology have the opportunity to choose a learning trajectory and/or a minor. Both are part of the differentiation phase wherein it is encouraged to either broaden your horizon or specialise your current knowledge.

Learning trajectories

The courses in the general phase are linked to the different trajectories. This may provide some help in choosing the right learning trajectory. If for example you have an interest in medical biology and the courses you liked most were provided by the lecturers from Human Biology, then this is probably the learning trajectory for you.

When do you have to make a choice?
During the general phase, in the second year, you can choose a trajectory.

Which learning trajectories are there and for which master do they prepare?
There are four trajectories that provide a good preparation for the master specialisations of the Master Biology, and three that provide a preparation for the specialisations in the Master Medical Biology. More information can be found here.


Both the Faculty of Science and other faculties offer a great number of minor programmes that give you the opportunity to explore interests outside your own study programme. An overview of the minor programmes can be found here.