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Required courses for internships

Departments for internships usually require that you have taken one or more particular courses before starting the intership. Below you can see which Bachelor's courses are important. The relevant Master's courses can be found in the specialization prospectuses.

Relevant Bachelor Courses for your Internship

Analytical chemistry/chemometrics  
Compulsory: Chemometrics

Biophysical chemistry
Compulsory: Magnetic resonance/Magnetic resonance in chemistry or Single molecules studies/Biophysical Chemistry
Recommended: The other course

Bioinformatics (CMBI)
Recommended: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics; Comparative genome analysis

Biomolecular chemistry
Compulsory: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II
Recommended: Animal Celbiology, Single Molecule Studies, Immunology

Bio-organic chemistry/Systems chemistry
Compulsory: Organic chemistry
Recommended: Synthesis laboratory (organic chemistry), Stereoselective synthesis Physical Organic Chemistry, Metal Organic Chemistry, Magnetic Resonance/Magnetic resonance in chemistry

Physical organic chemistry
Compulsory:  Organic chemistry
Recommended: Synthesis laboratory (organic chemistry)Stereoselective synthesis Physical Organic ChemistryMetal Organic ChemistryMagnetic Resonance/Magnetic resonance in chemistry

Green chemistry (environmental chemistry)
Compulsory: HERA (environmental risk assessment)
Recommended: Courses of the minor green chemistry

Molecular pharmacology and toxicology
Compulsory: Pharmacochemistry
Recommended: Biochemistry in the living cell, General physiology, Molecular Basis of Diseases

Molecular materials
Compulsory: Metal Organic Chemistry or Organic chemistry
Recommended:  Synthesis laboratory (organic chemistry)+ Synthesis laboratory (inorganic chemistry), Stereoselective synthesis, Physical Organic Chemistry

Molecule and laser physics
Compulsory: Atomic and molecular spectroscopy

Solid state chemistry
Compulsory: Crystal Growth
Recommended: Condensed Matter Laboratory

Solid state NMR
Compulsory: Magnetic Resonance/Magnetic resonance in chemistry
Recommended: Atomic and molecular spectroscopy

Synthetic organic chemistry
Compulsory: Organic chemistry
Recommended: Synthesis laboratory (organic chemistry)Stereoselective synthesis Physical Organic ChemistryMetal Organic ChemistryMagnetic Resonance

Theoretical chemistry
Compulsory: Statistical Thermodynamics
Recommended:Applied quantum chemistry