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Transition rules Computing Science first year

There have been no programme changes in the first year; the only changes that occur is that all first year courses are now taught in English. Some courses that already had an English name last year have been given a new name. Below you find a translation table for old (Dutch or previous English) and new (English) names.

Dutch/old name
New English name
NWI-IPC006 Processoren NWI-IPC006 Processors
NWI-IPC017 Matrix rekenen NWI-IPC017 Matrix Calculation
NWI-IPC019 Modelleren NWI-IPC019 Information Modeling
NWI-IPC020 Wiskundige structuren NWI-IPC020 Mathematical Structures
NWI-IPC031 Imperatief Programmeren NWI-IPC031 Imperative Programming
NWI-IBC016 Combinatoriek NWI-IBC016 Combinatorics
NWI-IBC017 Calculus en Kansrekening NWI-IBC017 Calculus and Probability Theory
NWI-IPI004 Beweren en Bewijzen -or-
NWI-IPI004 Assertion and Argumentation
NWI-IPI004 Logic and Applications
NWI-IPI005 Object Oriëntatie -or-
NWI-IPI005 Object Orientation
NWI-IPI005 Object Oriented Programming