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Student guidance and mentoring

Should you run into any problems during your studies you can always contact your student advisor. Our student advisors can give you advice and information concerning:

  • study methods
  • study planning and progress
  • admission requirements and regulations
  • academic career advice

Student advisors are also your first point of contact if you are having problems with your studies or personal problems that affect your studies. If the advisor has time you may be able to see him or her straight away, otherwise you can make an appointment or send an email. You can find your student advisor on this page (scroll down to Computing Science).


All first year students of Computing Science will be provided with a mentor who will provide additional support during the first year. This mentor is assigned to a small group of students (your mentor group) and you will have regular meetings with your mentor group and mentor where you can discuss for example problems that you encounter in specific courses, or in the curriculum as such, or with what is expected of you in terms of studying and so on. During the first week of the academic year the mentors will be assigned to the students.


In the first year, there is also a tutor who will be providing additional guidance and explanation in relation to specific courses. This tutor is a secondary school teacher who is able to assist you in making the transition between secondary school and university education in particular areas, for example, mathematics. The tutor will be giving regular group lectures, but you can also contact him individually if you need extra support.