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Programme B3 (Cohort 2016, third year)

In the second and third year, the curriculum Computing Science offers a choice between two specialisation tracks: Software and Data Science and Cyber Security. You should choose one of these tracks (your choice applies to both the second and third year, so you take the same specialisation in both years), and complete all courses of this track. Some courses are specific to one of these tracks; others are included in both tracks.

Below you find a schematic overview of the third year programme for cohort 2016 as implemented in academic year 2018-2019. First and second semester are represented separately. Courses that are included in both tracks are listed first; after that, track specific courses are listed. Some courses are still taught in Dutch (you can find the language of instruction by clicking the course description link; however, a Dutch course title in below overview is already an indication).

The third year as described below is the final year that is affected by the curriculum changes of previous years. This only affects the mandatory courses NWI-IBC035 Academic writing for students of Computing Science, which is now taught in B3-Q1, and  NWI-I00036 ICT en Samenleving, which only needs to be taken by third year students doing the track Software and Data Science (students doing the track Cyber Security have already completed this course in their second year). The full curriculum of cohort 2016 (first, second and third year) including specialisation tracks, EC and semester planning can be found in this PDF (pdf, 200 kB).

N.B. If you started your studies in curriculum 2015 but still need to take some courses of your third year, please check the transition rules describing the overview of changes and their consequences. If you need help planning your programme, please consult your study advisor.

1st Semester: Joint programme (30 EC)
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
NWI-IBC035 Academisch Schrijven voor Informatici
(3 EC)
(15 EC)
Free Choice
(12 EC)


2nd Semester: Joint programme ( 21 EC)
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
NWI-IBI010  Reflectie en Beroepsoriëntatie
(3 EC) (portfolio)
NWI-IBI001  Software Engineering
(6 EC)
NWI-IBC033  Bachelorscriptie
(12 EC)
Specialisation track: Software and Data Science (9 EC)
NWI-I00036  ICT en Samenleving**
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC036  Big Data
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: Cyber Security  (9 EC)
NWI-IBC037  Law for Computing Scientists 
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC039 Organizing Cyber Security
(6 EC)

* Students can distribute the study load for completion of the portfolio according to what suits them best in relation to the track programme of their choice.

**In 2018, in addition to third year students of Software and Data Science, the course ICT en Samenleving is also attended by second year students of both specialisations.