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Exchange Guide for incoming students

Where to look for courses

In this guide you will find English-taught courses offered by the Faculty of Science which are open to exchange students. The courses are sorted by educational cluster. You are not restricted to any educational cluster. However, you should make sure you meet the prerequisites mentioned in the course information.
For example: There are quantum mechanics courses offered by Molecular Sciences as well as Physics, but their content is not identical. Feel free to familiarise yourself with the options available.

Planning your courses

At our University  the academic year is divided into four quarters, quarter 1 and 2 form the first semester, quarter 3 and 4 the second. In general, each quarter comprises of 8 weeks of classes and two weeks for the exams. The study loadfor every quarter is 15 EC, so in total that makes 60 EC for a year.

Some courses are semester courses, so they will be given over two quarters. If this is the case, you will find this information in the course description. It is not possible to enroll in a semester course at the beginning of the second quarter it is taught.

Some programmes have a specific part of the week devoted to specific courses, with other programmes this may vary. If applicable, the days of teaching are mentioned along with the rest of the course information.

For more information, check the courses open for exchange students via the links in the table below, or contact our International Office at io@science.ru.nl .

The educational clusters at our faculty


Courses offered by Biosciences are not only medical or environmental biology courses. There are also interesting courses in biochemistry from a biological point of view.

These courses are very suitable for students in the area of:
Biology, (Bio-)Chemistry

Molecular Sciences

Courses offered by Molecular Sciences range from introductory bio-chemistry to advanced inorganic and physical chemistry courses. There are also introductory and less fundamental versions of physics and mathematics courses.

These courses are very suitable for students in the area of:
Biology, (Bio-)Chemistry, Physics

Computing and Information Sciences

Courses offered by Computing and Information Sciences are very suitable for any student who wishes to get a solid background in programming, databases or IT-security. There are also mathematics courses which are sufficient to understand the presented material.

These courses are very suitable for students in the area of:
Any interested student

Mathematics and Physics

Introductory courses in Mathematics and Physics are very suitable for everyone interested.

Courses offered by Mathematics and Physics are fundamental courses, but introductory mathematics or physics courses are suitable for any interested student. Apart from students with a technical background, students with a molecular background who want to solidify their physics and mathematics knowledge are encouraged to look here.

These courses are very suitable for students in the area of:
Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics