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Description of Algebra and Topology

Connecting to the forefront of pure mathematics and its applications.

Pure mathematics, of which algebra and topology form two essential pillars, has witnessed a spectacular development over the last decades, resulting in many breakthroughs that half a century ago seemed far out of reach. The Master's specialisation in Algebra and Topology strongly focuses on these research developments. It introduces students to a broad range of techniques and concepts that play a central role in modern mathematics. In addition to providing a strong theoretical basis, the programme offers excellent opportunities for a further specialisation focusing on applications of pure mathematics or on interactions with other fields.

The programme offers courses in Algebra, Topology, Geometry, Number Theory, and Logic and Computation. In these courses we also illustrate the fields’ applications as well as their interactions with other research areas, such as mathematical physics and computer science.

This Master’s is an excellent stepping-stone for students with ambitions in pure mathematical research. However, our graduates have also gone to work in the private sector or within government as managers, analysts or consultants.