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Admission requirements and regulations for exemptions

Admission requirements for students with a Dutch university Bachelor’s degree

In order to get admission to this Master’s you’ll need a completed Bachelor’s degree in Medical Biology or a related discipline with relevant subjects.

The Examination Board will consider whether or not students meet the requirements that apply for admission to the Master's programme of their choice.

Admission requirements for students with a foreign Bachelor’s degree

  1. A completed Bachelor's degree in Medical Biology or related area.
    Your degree has to be equivalent to a Dutch university diploma. The Examination Board will determine if an international student has the required knowledge to be admitted. The Examination Board will also indicate if the student is required to follow specific courses from the Bachelor's programme to eliminate possible deficiencies.
  1. A proficiency in English
    In order to take part in this programme, you need to have fluency in both written and spoken English. Non-native speakers of English* without a Dutch Bachelor's degree or VWO diploma need one of the following:
    1. A TOEFL score of >575 (paper based) or >232 (computer based) or >90 (internet based)
    2. An IELTS score of >6.5
    3. Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) with a mark of C or higher

For those who don’t meet the requirements

If you don’t meet the academic requirements it might be possible to take a bridging programme, called a pre-Master’s. You can qualify for a pre-Master’s programme if you have diploma in one of the following orientations:

  • A laboratory assistant training that sufficiently links up with the specialisation of your choice.
  • A pre-university (A-levels) high school diploma with biomedical, molecular or microbiological content, or a training of a comparable level during your university of applied sciences training.

It may take a maximum of five months and will be evaluated by the examination board. For more information on pre-Master’s programmes, please contact student advisor Conny Mooren.

* Applicants are considered to be a native speaker of English if they are from Australia, Canada (with exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA or South Africa.