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Philosophy courses for Master's students

There are a number of philosophy courses from which you may select during the Master's programme. A list of courses is provided below. All Philosophy courses are 3 EC.

Course code Name
NWI-FFIL203B Bioethics for Life Scientists
NWI-FFIL202A Evolution and the Mind
NWI-FFIL209B Environmental Ethics
NWI-FFIL214 Science and Metaphysics
NWI-FFIL212 Philosophy for Water Management
NWI-FFIL205A Science and Literature
NWI-FFIL215 Upgrading the Human
NWI-FFIL302 Philosophy and Ethics in Microbiology
NWI-FFIL211B The Transformative Role of Physics
NWI-FFIL216 Imagining the Anthropocene
NWI-FFIL300C Mathematics, Zeitgeist and Worldview