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General information

Completing an internship is very different from completing courses. You will have to make arrangements for your internship yourself. Your preference is decisive in that respect and you will have to make choices. These choices may be new for you and in this section we provide information that might be helpful.

Find your field of research. At Radboud University research in Medical Biology is organised within three institutions: Radboudumc, RIMLS and Donders Institute. The character of Radboudumc is medical in a broad sense, RIMLS is working in the field of molecular and cell biology and Donders Institute in the field of brain and nervous system. Please study the sites to find the research of your interest.

RIMLS and Donders Institute have their own building, researchers of Radboudumc sometimes have their laboratory in the hospital, sometimes in Donders Institute, but mostly in RIMLS. The smaller unit of organisation of research within the institutions is the department. Suggestions for this level you will find in this prospectus. In the list you can see which departments fit in your specialisation.

When you are considering a certain internship, you write a letter of application to a staff member of the department. This letter is also an assignment of the master’s portfolio. Sometimes somebody is specified as the contact of the department. This may be the professor or one of the scientific staff members. Please do not hesitate to contact them. These people will not feel bothered by you; on the contrary, they will be flattered that you are interested in their field! They are specialists in their field and qualified to inform you about the future possibilities within their specialism.

You can meet with the study advisor for general information and the details of planning. Perhaps you like to complete an internship outside Nijmegen, even abroad. Check the part of Study Abroad in the prospectus for possibilities and contact persons.

Once you have chosen a certain internship, make the adequate arrangements with your future supervisor. Discuss all the aspects of importance for your internship. The section “preliminaries” will be helpful in the discussion. When you and your supervisor conclude that it is a “go”, please register for your internship as explained in the procedure section of this prospectus.

Grading is done digitally using a lime-survey. The forms are also available in a printable version that can be used to get an idea of what you will be evaluated on. You can also use them to complete the self-assessment assignment in the Master Portfolio. Please note, that you need a second supervisor. He or she will read your report and grade your internship too. You can ask any staff member in the field of Biology to be your second supervisor.

External Internship

When you complete an internship, chosen from the list in the Education and Examination Regulation, it is an internal internship. Then there is an authorised supervisor available at the department. When you, independently or with help from the study advisor, arrange an internship at a department not mentioned in the list it is an external internship. This external internship needs to be approved by the Examination Board before the start. This approval can be given by a staff member from Medical Biology on behalf of the Examination Board. We urge you to discuss this with your study advisor in an early stage.

Remember that you always have to complete at least one internship from the approved list of your specialisation.

In general, your plans for going abroad can best start with an appointment with the International coordinator of the Master Biology mrs. C. Mooren, c.mooren@science.ru.nl