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Before an internship can begin, it is essential that the student and the direct supervisor discuss the following matters. It is therefore recommended that you take this list with you for your first meeting with your (future) internship supervisor!

  1. Content of the research
  • What is the core question of the research within the internship?
  • In which way is the internship part of the ongoing research of the department?
  1. Research methods
  • Which research techniques will be used?
  • Which other specific research methods will be used?
  1. Duration of the internship
  • What is the time span of the practical work?
  • What is the time span of the theoretical work?
  1. Schedule

How much time is reserved for:

  • studying literature and preparations
  • practical work
  • writing your report
  1. Time for supervision
  • How intensive and in which way will the student be supervised?
  • If there is more than one supervisor: how are the tasks divided?
  1. Progress consultations
  • How often will there be discussions between the student and the supervisor on the student's progress?
  • What is discussed exactly?
  • Will there be a mid-term evaluation?
  1. Evaluation of the practical component
  • Which items make up the practical component of the internship?
  • How is the assessment of the practical work incorporated in the final mark? Which assessment criteria are observed in this respect?
  1. Working hours
  • What does a typical day in he lab look like?
  • Are the working hours fixed or flexible?
  1. Working environment and facilities
  • Will the student have his/her own workplace?
  • Are there any risks or safety issues that should be kept in mind?
  • Can the student use computer facilities?
  1. Completing the report
  • How much time is available for the completion of the report once the student has finished the practical work?