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(This procedure only applies to internships, NOT to the 6 EC literature thesis! For the TWM internship, see below.)
  1. Enrol for one of the internship-courses in Osiris. There are several course-codes for several types of internships:
NWI-BM-STAGE1 First Master's research internship
NWI-BM-STAGE2 Second Master's research internship
NWI-BM-STAGEE1 First Master's research internship for students that follow the Masters specialisation in Science and Education
NWI-BM-STAGES1 First Master's research internship for students that follow either the Master's specialisation in SMI or SIS.

Please note: if you switch specialisations during your Master's after finishing your first internship, there is no need to change the course-code of the registered internship.

  1. After registering in Osiris, you will receive an automatic email with a link to an enrolment form at your science email account. After receiving this mail, you have 1 month to complete the enrolment form. Contact your supervisor and fill out the form together. Please note that the form requires you to upload an internship plan, so make sure you have this plan available when filling in the form. In the internship plan (+/- 1 A4) you describe what you plan to do (research question and methods) and you provide a timeline for your project. Optionally, you may also include personal learning objectives.
  2. Perform your internship, write your report and give your presentation.
  3. Once you have completed your report, please upload the final version to http://thesissubmission.science.ru.nl.
  4. Your first supervisor will automatically receive an email with your report, the results of a plagiarism check, a link to the assessment form in LimeSurvey and a testimonium. In addition, he/she will receive a link for the assessment form for the second supervisor. Once your first and second supervisor have both assessed your report, and the testimonium is handed in at the Student Service Desk your final grade will be registered in Osiris.

If you did not receive an email or if you run into other problems with the system please contact the Student Service Desk (SSD).

Are you enrolled in the Master's specialisation in TWM? In that case the course code for your internship (called Master Thesis) is NWI-TWM22 and the procedure described above does not apply. You can download the assessment form that your supervisors use to determine your grade here (pdf, 173 kB).