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Programme of Human Biology

The structure for the Master specialisation Human Biology for the Master of Science in Medical Biology is:

  • 12 EC Thesis (2x 6 EC)

  • 72 EC Research internship (2x 36 EC)

  • 18 EC free space for optional courses or extension of internships (6 EC max.)
    Choose at least one course from the following list. Of the remaining EC, 6 EC is completely free, the remaining ECs should have a natural scientific character. If you want more information on a course, check out the course description via the course finder.
    • NWI-BM010C Advanced Adaptation Physiology (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM032C Advanced Endocrinology (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM004C Apoptosis (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM053B Behavioral Neuroscience (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM016C Cellular Imaging in Four Dimensions (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM066A Computation for Biologists (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM062 Epigenomics in Health and Disease (3 EC)x
    • NWI-BM050B Human Fertility (3 EC, course will not be taught in 2018-2019)
    • NWI-BM024D Laboratory Animal Science and Alternatives (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM001C Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (3 EC)
    • NWI-LM012 Mol.Asp. Host Def., Tissue Destruction (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM061 Neurogenomics of Speech, Language and Reading Disorders (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM015C Oncology
    • NWI-BM041B Principles of Systems Biology (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM064 Protein Dynamics and Networks (3 EC)
    • NWI-MM013 Research Skills (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM051B Systematic reviews of animal studies (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM044B Systems Neuroscience (3 EC)
    • NWI-BM007C Working with Radionuclides Level 5B (2 EC)