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Transition rules old versus new courses

In the specialization Neuroscience some of the compulsory components have changed.

New course Replaces
NWI-BM001D (6 EC)
Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
NWI-BM001C (3 EC) 
Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
NWI-BM073 (3 EC)
Trends in Stem Cell Biology
NWI-BM047B (3EC)
Trends in Medical Biosciences II
  • You cannot use both the new course and the course it replaces in your Master's programme, the courses are too similar.
  • If you did not take BM001C Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (3 ec), you have to take the new 6 EC course NWI-BM001D Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology.  In that case, if you already took NWI-BM042B Trends in Medical Biosciences I (3 EC), you can use that course as an elective in your Master's programme.
  • If NWI-BM042B is the only course you did not take, you can take a 3 EC elective instead.