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Preliminaries & General information

Internship - Instructions; please read carefully
An important part of your Master's programme is the research internship.

Most students will do two internships. Generally, the first internship is done at Radboud University. A second internship can also be done at an external research institute, government or in public or private companies both in the Netherlands and abroad.
Within the university there are many possibilities for internships at selected groups in one of the following institutes:

During an internship you work (usually full time) on a topic supervised by a PhD student or a member of the academic staff. Formal supervision (i.e. responsibility and grading) can only be done by a member of permanent scientific staff: full professor, associate professor (UHD), or assistant professor (UD).
As a part of the internship you will give a presentation and write a research report (for one of the internships this is your masters thesis).
Usually your literature thesis is supervised by a member of the same department, but the subject can not be related to your research.
In most cases (sometimes it will be mandatory) you will follow one or more courses related to the research.

Registering and Approval

NWI-MOL501A First research intership
NWI-MOL502A Second research intership

Upon registering in Osiris, you will receive a planning and approval form in your mailbox. There you give all details about your internship, including the number of EC.

Based on this proposal, the internship will be approved (or not). Approval is registered in Osiris. If the internship is not approved, the student advisor will contact you.
Without approval in Osiris you cannot get a grade.

On the next page the research departments that are pre-approved for the various research specialisations are listed. With some departments additional requirements are formulated (e.g. a molecular component must be specified).
Not all research projects in the selected departments may be suitable. Likewise it could be that suitable research is performed in a department that is not mentioned in the overview. It is always best to go and talk with researchers in the department about their research and current possibilities and propose the internship to educational institute.

Assessment and grading of your internship
Every internship should take place under ultimate supervision of a professor from the Faculty of Science, or selected staff members from other faculties. Every report is also assessed by a second reviewer from a different research group.

Going abroad
Make sure that you seriously consider taking your second internship abroad. Spending time in another institute enriches your education enormously. See the pages of the international office for ways to plan your exchange period. Usually researchers at the faculty can help with finding an internship outside Nijmegen. You also need a staff member from one of the departments on the list for internships to be responsible for grading.

Vaccination Hepatitis B
Some research departments work with body fluids that may be infected with hepatitis B.
Students who plan a Master research internship in one of these departments will need to be vaccinated (the department knows this). If this is the case the Education institute will subsidise the vaccination with half the cost. Send an email to dr. Luc-Jan Laarhoven with a note from your internship supervisor (member of staff) and you will receive a form to claim the reimbursement.
For the much shorter bachelor internships this regulation does not apply.