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Programme of Human Biology

For the Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences the complete 120 EC programme is given below. Please note that eventually your programme has to be approved by the examination board.

A. A specialisation related component comprising:

  • a specialisation related research internship chosen from the list 'departments for internships': 45 EC
    which includes:
    - NWI-MOL501A practical work, report (master thesis), and presentation: 36 EC
    - NWI-MOL601 literature thesis: 6 EC
    - An elective course with molecular component: 3 EC

B. A second research internship: 44 EC
which includes:
- NWI-MOL502A Practical work, report, and presentation: 35 EC
- NWI-MOL602 Literature thesis: 6 EC
- An elective course with molecular component: 3 EC

This second internship can be freely chosen from the list 'departments for internships' or may be done outside the university (company, research institute or abroad). Your internship should be approved by the internship coordinator before the start of the internship. If approved by the Internship coordinator, both internships may be taken elsewhere. For external internships, you should Always have a supervisor from one of the approved departments of Radboud University as well as a supervisor at the institute you are visiting. Supervision of both internships must be provided by two different departments, unless the second internship is taken at another university or institute;

C. NWI-MOL412 Career orientation (1 EC)
D. Scientific master courses: 6 EC
This part needs approval from the examination board. All courses offered by the   Faculty of Science will be approved.
E. Free electives: 6 EC
F. Philosophy course: 3 EC

*One 3 EC course of the 15 EC compulsory courses may be interchanged with a course from another research specialisation available for Molecular Life Science's students.