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Programme of Science, Management and Innovation

The programme of Science, Management and Innovation is constructed in such a way that you will do your Master's specific programme in the first year of your master, and the SMI-courses and activities in the second year. However, due to personal planning you may deviate from this. Below is an outline of the SMI-specific programme.

Compulsory Courses (15 EC)

NWI-FMT003E Innovation Management (6 EC)

NWI-FMT024 Policy and Economics (3 EC)

NWI-FMT006A Entrepreneurship: Making a Business Plan (3 EC)

NWI-FMT019 Methods in Societal Research: Science, Management and Innovation (3 EC)

Theme courses (12 EC)

You choose between the themes Climate and Energy and Health. Each theme contains one compulsory 6 EC course and electives, of which you have to take 6 EC. The table below shows these courses.

Energy and Climate Health

NWI-FMT022 Energy and Climate 
(6 EC, compulsory)

NWI-FMT023 The Future of Health
(6 EC, compulsory)
NWI-FMT020 Bio-economy 
(3 EC)

NWI-FMT025B From Lab to Clinic 
(6 EC)

NWI-FMT026 Energy Modelling 
(3 EC)

NWI-FMT029 Health Policy and economics 
(6 EC)

NWI-MM020A Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (3 EC)

NWI-FMT021 Neuroscience (3EC)
This course is not taught anymore but can still be used as elective for students MLS, Biology or Science.

Free elective (3 EC)

Research Project (30 EC)