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Research Project of Science, Management and Innovation

During your graduation research project, you will work outside of the university on a real-world research problem in the theme you have chosen. The project can be done at a company, in a governmental organisation or department, at the strategy department of a research lab or in a non-governmental organisation. We also very much encourage that you go abroad! In your research project, you will apply what you have learned in your courses in the real world.

For vacancies for internship positions, please consult the website of Career Service Science. An organization is available in Blackboard with additional information on the master thesis project; you can enroll yourself in this organisation, or email Bart Knols with your student number.

Examples of graduation projects can be found here.

Please note that you have to enroll yourself in the Osiris-course NWI-SMISTAGE at the beginning of your SMI-research project