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Student ID card and registration card

Within the Faculty of Science and this prospectus, you'll find a lot of information regarding your programme.

Other services are organised centrally by Radboud University. Examples are registration for the new academic year, student life, and legal affairs.

For this wide variety of general topics, please refer to the general RU-website: http://www.ru.nl/currentstudents/.

(Re)enrolment and registration

As a student, you are fully enrolled at the Radboud University once the payment of the tuition fee has been set up and your enrolment has been processed. Once your enrolment is complete, you will receive your new registration card. You will receive this a couple of weeks after your (re)enrolment.

Your enrolment is always valid for one year only, and always starts and ends on 1 September. For the following academic year, you need to reenrol in your study programme and set up your payment of the tuition fee again. Around June, you will receive a notification with regard to your reenrolment. If you are not reenrolled before September of the new academic year, it might lead to problems with your DUO financial aid, registering for courses, and using Brightspace.

You can find more information on (re)enrolment here.

Student ID and registration card

Each year you have to re-enrol in your study programme. Processing your enrolment takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks, after which you can download your registration card via Osiris. This is your proof of enrolment for the new academic year. Each year you will receive a new registration card on which the period of enrolment is stated.

The student ID card is issued once and will remain valid throughout your entire study programme. This card indicates that you are truly a student at the Radboud University. When one or both cards are lost, you can request a new one at the Student Information Desk on payment of €10 (for the registration card) or €25 (for the ID card).

For more information on the student ID card, please check this webpage.