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Pre-Master Information Sciences

The pre-Master's Information Sciences prepares students for enrolment in the Master's Information Sciences. The programme is compiled of courses in the field of modelling and systems thinking, security, mathematics and general computing or academic background. A schematic overview of the programme can be fund below.

*** Last update: September 5th 2018***
The course NWI-IPC020 Mathematical Structures has been removed from the programme, making the mandatory programme 27 EC instead of 30 EC. For students who want to complete 30 EC, the following courses may be interesting:


Q1: SOW-BKI104 Mathematics 1A
Q1: NWI-IPC017 Matrix calculation

Computing Science:

Q1: NWI-IBC019 Operating Systems


Q2: NWI-GCSE007 Policy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Q1: NWI-FFIL101 Inleiding Filosofie en Ethiek 
Q1: NWI-FC002B Science and Societal Interaction